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About us

Our company has been operating on the market since 2013 and we are proud that as a Czech company we have been contributing to market dynamics and innovation for a long time. Our journey began by brokering trade in commodities, where we specialized in importing to the Czech Republic. We have gradually expanded our activities into the area of the circular economy with the operation of several recycling lines across the country. Currently, one of the main focuses is also the sale of cleaning technologies in Europe and the supply of food to retail chains. Our company had an annual turnover of CZK 500 million.

We have always focused on wholesale activities and brought innovation in various fields:

  • Supply experience for Rewe Group: We have regularly supplied cosmetics and sporting goods to chains such as Penny Market.

  • Agricultural Commodities and Oil: We have become a key player with the trading of agricultural commodities, especially rapeseed. We produced rapeseed oil and together with the import of sunflower oil we supplied important manufacturers in the food industry.

  • Rapeseed oil methyl ester supplies: We were the leading suppliers of this bio-component to companies such as Čepro, Paramo, Setuza and Unipetrol.

  • Sale of cleaning technologies for tanks, barrels and reservoirs

  • Business cooperation with a protected workshop

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Why cooperate with us?

             Years of experience 

Strong business network and partnerships

Flexibility and adaptability

Commitment to sustainability 

High Financial Stability

Expert Team

  Variety of services offered

Focus on quality and the customer

Expertise and fair dealing

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Our operation

Our company operates primarily in Europe. We mainly carry out business activities in the marked countries.

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Tadeas Matousek

sales manager, Czech/English

Ing. Bedrich Matousek

sales manager, Czech/Russian

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